• Zine 1 ILIT:RU, Huiskamer van de stad

    PDF 1.93 MB

    This zine is made by librarians of the Rotterdam Public Library in June 2023. It is the result of a zine-making workshop where we discussed the social role of librarians and their daily practices. In the workshop they explored and shared their understanding of community librarianship and imagined the future of the public library.

  • Zine 1 ILIT:LU

    PDF 1.2 MB

    This zine is the result a workshop exploring the social role of librarians. The workshop was held with librarians at Malmö Public Libraries in February 2023.

  • Zine 1 ILIT:UV, Da Sein

    PDF 1.25 MB

    "Da Sein" is the first zine resulting from a project workshop. Exploring the theme Community Librarianship, it was produced in Vienna in February 2023.

  • This is (not) an Ex-Libris

    PDF 9.34 MB

    This zine was realised in the context of an internal workshop with ILIT’s team in May 2022. We have come together to explore our understanding of the project using as a starting point the exploration and creation of Ex Libris (bookplates).